Rachel E Miller is an award-winning artist, owner of INSPIRE Art Studio, President of the Mount Union Art Guild in Central Pennsylvania, Huntingdon County Arts Council board member and involved in keeping art a presence in the community. She is mostly self-taught with a passion for fantasy-surrealistic, emotional, and imaginative art, usually done in acrylic paint. Rachel's creative works include pencil portraits as well as works in charcoal, pastel, pen and ink, and colored pencil. She has specialized in teaching painting fundamentals at "social painting" events since 2015 along with creative design and original mandala classes.

Since I was a child, I've always loved books and movies that create fantastic worlds unseen. The sparkle and shine of the mythical characters. Imagination and a preference for bright colors and bold, swirling shapes dictate my art. I don’t go into a painting with a plan. It just happens on its own. I may start with a specific color as a background, but the pieces just emerge. Each step of the process inspires the next. After I have the main structure of the painting, I like to add tidbits of detail into the spaces. From 10 feet away, you may see a rock in the water. From 2 feet away, you see it's actually a dolphin. Those details are like tiny little presents for those who take that extra second to look.